Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dia sangat selekeh masa jumpa.
Baru bangun tido kott
Huhu just now met oppa a.k.a Bakhtiar Baharu . I'm so happy to met him coz dahh lama tak jumpa dia. Rindu gila kott. Selama ni text je and call. Whoa tadi jumpa dia with his new hair. Macam Tacyeon - 2PM larh sikit. Haha. I do love u but as my bestfriend larh. Dunno why tak boleh more than that. Maybe I'm over u nowww. Weeee. As long as both of us loving each other it's okay right? Not a big deal. Hmmmm nothing much to say. I really enjoyed today! Thanx oppa for making my day! ILY!

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